StudentForce is a social enterprise building good work habits early in younger students.

We do this by creating opportunities for them to earn regular money, a few hours week, and learn about business and entrepreneurship as they do.

Our first venture, a flyer delivery service, currently involves over 60 local students 10-16 years old, delivering flyers to 15,000 households around Tauranga. With emphasis on personal responsibility and consistency, the students are safe, well trained and closely managed.

At full capacity this venture should involve over 120 students in Tauranga. We plan to grow nationally to involve thousands, and launch new ventures to create many more suitable working opportunities for students of all ages.

StudentForce also empowers students with tools to create their own work opportunities. By providing simple training, resources and support, students will have the knowledge and confidence to provide services in their local communities.

We aim to create an emerging youth with entrepreneurial spirit, who understand the basics of business, and know that business ownership and being an entrepreneur is a real option for their future.