Could you do what Ashley Qualls did?

She became a millionaire for free, could you?

I’m sure you all want to be a teenage millionaire but you probably think it’s impossible. Ashley Qualls did it , all from a website. If she could do it could you?

Ashley Qualls is the creator of her now million dollar website with 7 million views a day. was origionaly used for teenagers to download her free myspace layouts but is now used as a blog. I was wondering how a website that didn’t sell anything could make any money? And if your average 12-14 year old kid could do it too.

Before we can figure out if a kid could achieve this we need to understand her business , so how does generate money?
Ashley used advertising from other businesses to get money. Now that her website has 7 million views a day any business will pay to get their adverts on her page. Some businesses will pay up to $20,000.So the more views your website has = more money.

To see if the average kid could achieve this we need to know what she needed to get to where she is now and if it is easily accessible.

To get up and running Ashley needed:

  • A computer, most kids have at least one computer in their household
  • $8 for a domain name (.com)

After that she just needed views which originally started from her friends that then told others and so on.

When your website has a few views it should be easy to find companies that want to put advertisement on your website.

The main challenge of this is the views. There are thousands of other websites that are trying to become millionaires too, but don’t let that discourage you. If you and your friends spread the word you can definitely become a teenage millionaire just like Ashley Qualls.