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Rose McMahon – Aiming at Hollywood

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At age 13 she started up her own photography business, Little Miss Rose.   Rose McMahon is a 16 year old girl in the Bay of Plenty who aims to become the youngest female director in Hollywood. Rose grew up home-schooled in a rural home in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. She [...]

Ashley Qualls – Internet Millionaire

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Could you do what Ashley Qualls did? She became a millionaire for free, could you? I’m sure you all want to be a teenage millionaire but you probably think it’s impossible. Ashley Qualls did it , all from a website. If she could do it could you? Ashley Qualls is the creator [...]

9 Ideas for Teen Businesses

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I’m sure lots of you want to make money, but you’re not sure what you need to do. Think about what you like or what you're good at. If you like making or fixing things you could try jewellery making, candle making or bicycle repair. If you're an indoors person try selling things online. Are [...]

9 (very) Young Entrepreneurs

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Photo Credit: / Shutterstock Have you ever wanted to start a business yourself but you think you’re too young? Age doesn’t matter when you’re an entrepreneur, the ages on this article range from 6-15 years old! 6 year old Cory Nieve’s business started out because he was sick of taking the [...]