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Finding Customers

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So you've got an idea for a product or service, and you need customers... To find them, you need to know: Who Where and How. The first step is working out WHO your customers will be. So who will want what your selling. If your customers are the general public, you'll need [...]

What is Profit?

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One way a business can measure it's success is by calculating it's profit or loss. We don’t need to explain what loss is, but what is profit exactly? Well firstly, you need to understand Revenue and Expenses. Revenue is the total amount of money a business has generated over a set period [...]

What is Supply and Demand?

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Supply and Demand is something that affects the price that products and services sell for. So, there are three terms you need to understand here: Supply, is the amount of a product or service that the seller has. Demand, is the amount of people willing to pay for that product or service. [...]