I’d like to tell you about a proven method to get great results when designing a flyer, print ad, poster … or even a web page.

The AIDA model has been used worldwide for many years, and is proven to be effective at and getting results.

The AIDA Model

It works by taking the viewer through 4 simple steps, usually from the top-to-bottom of an advert. The result of those 4 steps should give the viewer the information they need to take the action you want.

There’s minor variations on the model, but basically the acronym AIDA stands for:

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action


A = Attention

With most advertising, you’ve got a fraction of a second before they bin it, turn the page, or just look away.

It needs to smack them in the face and say LOOK AT ME!

You can do this with a stunning picture, a grabbing headline, or even just the use of shapes and colours. Bland is binned.

It’s also important to get the attention of the right person.

A super-cute puppy dog pic may get attention, but it’s no good if you’re selling leather biker jackets.

‘50% OFF’ will get attention; but ‘50% OFF LEATHER BIKER JACKETS’ will get the attention of the right person.


I = Interest

Now you’ve got about 1 more second to show them your offer is relevant and interesting to them.

If you’re advertising a local event or sale, where is it? When is it? If you’re advertising a product/service, what is it?

Our Leather Jackets headline would be followed with something like:
‘Come to our pop-up sale at the City Square this Saturday. 1000’s of awesome leather jackets with huge discounts.’


D = Desire

Once you’ve got there attention, and shown them they are the target customer you’re talking to, the next step is to create desire for what you’re offering.

There’s many ways to create desire for your product or service:

  • Pictures – Use photos of people enjoying your product or service.
  • Social Proof – The good old testimonial or Review. Having other people say great things about you makes potential customers want to use you as well.
  • Features and Benefits – Explain the benefits of your product / service. How does it help them?


A = Action

Once you’ve covered all the steps above, at the bottom of the page, the only thing left to do is get them to take action.

Remove barriers
This is where you want to break down barriers that could stop them contacting you.

  • An 0800 number makes it free for them to call.
  • Free Quotes or a Free Trial lets them know they won’t be tied into making a desicion before they’ve got all the info.
  • Using a website address allows them to research without the threat of a pushy salesperson. But make sure your website is also set up to convert people effeciently into customers. Don’t send LIVE leads to a DEAD website.

Bribe them
There’s nothing wrong with bribing them to take action. ’20% OFF – Call now’.

If you’re worried about ‘devaluing’ your product or service then make an ‘added value’ offer. They still pay full price, but get something else on top. ‘A free Toaster for the first 20 people to buy a Fridge.’

Create Urgency
Whenever possible, add a ‘limit’ to your offer. This will create urgency for them to call, instead of them thinking ‘I’ll do that another day’.

You can say, ‘Limited to the first 20 callers’, or ‘Sale on for March only’ or ‘Limited Spots Available.’ Anything to get them to take action NOW!

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