Flyer SizesWhen it comes to flyers, bigger isn’t necessarily better. The content of the flyer is much more important. The size and paperweight needs to get the message across in the cheapest way possible.

So how do you choose what’s best?

Firstly, think about the purpose of your campaign. Is it promoting a new local business, a sale, a new product? What’s the minimum amount of content that will get the message across?

Remember, you’re not designing a ‘brochure’

Don’t confuse designing a ‘brochure’ with designing a flyer for a delivery campaign.

They’re very different things. Brochures will generally be given to people once they’ve had some contact with your business. Their purpose is to tell as much information about your products or services as possible. They’re something that can be taken away to read later.

With a flyer it’s all about impact!

A delivery flyer’s sole purpose is to get attention. They need a simple message and a strong ‘call to action’ to compel the reader to make contact.

Once you’ve got a general idea of how much content you’ll need on the flyer, there’s 3 things to decide next:

  • Flyer Size
  • Single or Double sided
  • Paperweight

Here’s a simple table showing price comparisons when printing 5000 flyers:

Pricing for 5000 Full Colour flyers

Single Sided Single Sided Double Sided Double Sided
150 gsm 235 gsm 150 gsm 235 gsm
A6 Flyers (148 mm x 105 mm) $150 $275 $226 $351
DL Flyers (210 mm x 99 mm) $150 $299 $244 $393
A5 Flyers (210 mm x 148.5 mm) $245 $420 $330 $505
A4 folded to A5 or DLE $627

(Note: Prices are from as at 20th Jan 2018. Does not include GST or shipping.)

Let’s talk about size

These are some common sizes of flyers for a delivery campaign.

A6 Size (148 mm x 105 mm)


This size is often used by bars/restaurants as a discount coupon. The smaller size means they fit easily in your pants pocket when you’re heading out on the town.


Not a lot of room to get your message across. Unless it’s a very simple message like a discount coupon, or it needs to be pocket size, then you’re probably better off paying a bit more and going up a size.

A6 flyer size

DL Size (210 mm x 99 mm) 


These won’t be folded or crumpled going through a letterbox slot, and they have enough space for a decent amount of information. It’s a respectable size, not so small that it makes your business look cheap, but it’s still reasonably cheap to print.


If it’s in a letterbox with a bunch of letters, it’s not going to stand out as much as a larger flyer will.

DL Flyer Size

A5 Size (210 mm x 148.5 mm)


Wider than standard envelopes that may be in the letterbox, so there’s a better chance of it being noticed.


Can be a little dearer than the DLE size.

A5 Flyer Size

A4 folded to A5 or DLE


Can include enough information so customers can simply ring and order. No need to direct them to a website or a physical store to purchase.


Expensive. Four times the cost of a single sided DLE flyer. This size is only cost effective if you need to get a lot of information across. Commonly used as restaurant menus or small product catalogues.

Single or Double sided?

Double sided printing isn’t double the price, so it seems cost effective, but when you’re printing 5000, 10,000 or 20,000 flyers, the additional cost can get significant.

My theory, if you want to save money, go single sided. If the recipient pulls the flyer out of their letterbox and it’s just blank on the back, curiosity will usually get the better of them, and they’ll want to at least glimpse at the other side.

If you choose to print double sided, make sure your design has the same amount of high impact on both sides. If you’ve just got a boring price list or contact details on the back, and that’s the side they see first, they may not bother turning it over, and they’ll miss your exciting, full impact message on the other side.

What’s the best paperweight?

In New Zealand we usually measure paperweight in GSM (grams per square meter). Paperweight generally determines the paper’s thickness.


80-100gsm is the weight of the paper in your office printer. It’s flimsy and very cheap looking when used as a flyer. This weight is generally used with black and white printing, sometimes on coloured paper.

Cheap black and white flyers scream “I’m a small business”. Which isn’t a bad thing if you are a small business. The ‘cheap’ look of the flyers gives the impression that your prices are cheap also. If you’re doing lawn mowing, dog walking, or similar, then this can work in your favour.

For a larger business, or a high quality brand, then a cheap looking flyer is not going to work. Would you hire a lawyer from a cheap black and white flyer in your letterbox?


A glossy 150gsm paper, while still a bit floppy, has a much higher quality feel and gives a far more professional appearance.

If you’re printing more than a few thousand flyers, it doesn’t cost much more to get glossy, full colour flyers printed. Around 150gsm is the most common weight for flyers. A glossy, full colour flyer at this weight will look and feel professional.


As a reference, 300gsm is about the weight of a decent quality business card. From about 200gsm upward you’re getting into ‘card’ weights, so a glossy 235gsm weight has a stiff, high quality feel.

It’s been said that the heavier 235gsm ‘card’ weight flyers will sell more because they give the impression that your business is high quality. I can’t say whether that will work for you, because every campaign is different, but if your product or service is high value, high quality, and your profit margins can afford the extra printing cost, go for the 235gsm. Better safe than sorry.

And finally, what about Magnets?

At around $850 for 5000 business card size magnets, these should only be used when it’s truly beneficial. You need to have a business that operates an emergency or urgent service that people will commonly use. Examples could be computer repairs, doctor or vet with an emergency service.

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