Student Jobs

Do the kids pay tax?

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Any child who is at School and under 18 doesn't have to pay tax if they earn under $2340 per year ($45 per week). See the IRD's Children's Tax exemption information here We don't let any child do more than about 4 hours per week of work, so generally they will never have to worry [...]

How long do the Runs take?

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All Runs are tested to be about an hour, and under 4km in length. None should take more than 75 minutes. For Runs with 4-6 sets of flyers we suggest you collate (sort them into a single pile) the flyers before your run. We have tested how long it takes to collate 6 sets of [...]

What if I’m sick?

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No problem, just give us as much notice as possible. We will notify you Run Partner immediately, however it's your responsibility to organise a different day to complete your Run that week. We can find a replacement for you, but there will be penalties.

What happens if it’s raining?

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In light-to-moderate rain or wind you're expected to do your Run. You'll need to have suitable wet weather clothing. You can however contact your Run Partner and agree to do the Run later in the week, but be careful, because if for some reason you don't get the Run finished that week, there will be [...]