Flyer Design

Flyer design is all about impact. You’ve got a fraction of a second to get their attention so they’ll read the rest of the flyer, and then you’ve only got a few seconds more to convince them the flyer is worth keeping to refer to later.

Our flyer design process includes a 45 minute consultation. Not with an ‘advertising salesperson’, but with an experienced marketing professional.

In the consultation we’ll discuss:

  • Your points of difference in the marketplace
  • Potential announcements (special prices, new products, new location, etc)
  • Determine key message or messages for the flyer
  • Consider potential graphical elements and design theme

We’ll then design the flyer for you and once approved, supply to your chosen printer.

Pricing to design an A5 or DLE sized flyer:

  • $110 plus GST for a single sided
  • $165 plus GST for a double sided

Flyer Printing

When it comes to printing simple items like flyers, quantity is king. The more you get, the cheaper it gets per flyer.

We’ve researched pricing from printers locally, nationally and internationally, and found the best deal for our customers.

Pricing for printing single sided DLE flyers:

  • 1000 = $100
  • 2000 = $125
  • 5000  = $175
  • 10,000 = $305

Prices are plus GST. Includes delivery in 3 business days.

(Note: Prices are subject to change and will be quoted on request)

Flyer Design Portfolio

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  • Full Rate Card for Distribution, Design and Printing costs.

  • Local Deals flyer information and pricing for all areas.

  • Delivery Area Maps.

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