Finally, a locally operated flyer delivery service

  • We offer competitive pricing and we’re very easy to deal with.
  • Flyers are tangible items people can hold and take action in their own time. A perfect advertising option for businesses with customers within a local area.
  • Industry surveys have shown 83% of people bring letterbox advertising into their homes.

We ensure your flyers get DELIVERED by:

Maintaining accurate delivery counts

We pick-up and count any left over flyers every week, and make adjustments to the delivery run next time. This keeps the delivery numbers accurate so you’re not paying for items that don’t get delivered.

Ensuring all planned deliveries actually happen

All our deliveries are done in teams of two. They meet at a starting point and do the delivery run together. If one person doesn’t show up, the other can’t do it either so it get’s rescheduled.

We ensure your flyers get SEEN by:

Limiting how many items we deliver

We have limit of 6 flyers delivered to each household at one time. Other companies will do 10 or even 15, which we believe is way too many for each advertiser to get meaningful exposure.

Restricting the size of flyers delivered

The maximum flyer size we deliver is A5, so all flyers get maximum exposure and aren’t folded inside large catalogues where they won’t be seen.

Let us deliver your message from as little as $70 plus GST for 1000 households

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Zero Waste Policy

Our Zero Waste policy is ingrained in all areas of our service to ensure the absolute minimum paper product is wasted.

This is partly an environmental goal, but also so our customers don’t pay printing and delivery charges for undelivered product.

Learn more about our Zero Waste policy

We won’t let you look bad

We train our people to be super-careful not to put your flyers in letterboxes that don’t want them.

But that’s not enough. We care about the community and we respect peoples right to not get unwanted mail.

So we go one step further. All our delivery people carry small ’Sorry’ cards.

We can’t open peoples letterboxes to pull out flyers posted by mistake, so we put a small card in the letterbox taking responsibility and simply saying sorry.

Support and inspire our local kids

By choosing StudentForce you’re giving our community’s kids the opportunity to earn money, develop work ethic, and learn about business.

Ultimately, we hope to help all New Zealand students work, learn and grow into confident and capable business people to lead our country into the future.

Learn how we help the kids in 3 ways

Raising Industry Standards

Safety is our first priority.

All our delivery people complete a comprehensive safety course, deliver in teams of two, and everyone wears Hi-Vis vests.

With distinctive branded delivery bags, these young people are clearly identifiable and present a truly professional image.

Our systems surpass the National Code of Practice

Using the NZ Marketing Association’s ‘National Code of Practice for the Distribution of Unaddressed Mail’ as a starting point, we’ve developed our systems to exceed those standards.

A 100% locally owned and operated business

Founded with help from his two kids Carson and Zena, StudentForce Ltd is owned and operated by Dan Angland, a Mount Maunganui local with over 15 years experience in business marketing.

Our goal is to have the local students filling as many roles within the business as possible.

With successful trials under way using students in Sales roles, we’re now looking at creating delivery run preparation roles and ultimately creative roles, with student actually designing customers flyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We operate a two week delivery cycle. Half your flyers get delivered in the first week, and the other half in the second week.
For casual customers, we will email you an invoice once deliveries are completed. Payment terms are 7 days.
We’ll pick up your flyers for free. They need to be ready by 5pm on the Thursday before your first week of deliveries begin.

Our minimum order is 2000 items which costs $130 plus GST

Maximum dimensions: A5 (210mm x 148.5mm)

Thickness: Total thickness can not be more than 400gsm.

The flyers need to be supplied in even bundles of no more than 200 per bundle, preferably 100.
Because we’re a local service, we can usually commence deliveries the week following receipt of the flyers.

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  • Local Deals flyer information and pricing for all areas.

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