How to make money walking dogs

For New Zealand students aged 10+ years

The StudentForce Dog Walking Business Kit makes it cheap and simple for kids to set up a small business as a dog walker.

From flyer templates to advertise in your local area, to the contract customers sign, this step-by-step guide makes a great project for parents and kids to work through together.

Why is dog walking great for students?

  • No specific skills or lengthy training needed
  • Walks are usually under an hour each time

  • No expensive equipment required

  • Work after school or on weekends

  • Customers often require weekly ongoing help

  • Builds fitness and gets them outdoors

How much money can you make?

Here’s an example of a poster advertising $20 per walk

Some dog walkers advertise rates of $20 or more per 30 minute walk! 

If you’re between 10 – 15 years old, we recommend you start at around $7 – $9. By slashing the price that people would normally pay, you’ve got a great chance of getting jobs. You can always put your rate up later on once you’re more experienced.

Plus you might be able to charge for ‘extras’. If the owner works late and wants you to feed the dog as well, that’s worth a few dollars. Maybe they’ve got other pets also that need feeding… that’s another few dollars.

You only really need to get 1 or 2 regular weekly customers to easily earn $20 per week or more for only a few hours work.

If you work hard getting new customers and provide a great service there’s no limit to how much you can make!

What will you need?

  • A pair of cross trainers or suitable walking shoes
  • Suitable clothing for both sunny and wet weather
  • Access to a computer with Internet
  • Access to a printer for printing a few worksheets and other documents

  • $15 to get 100 pages of flyers printed (or print yourself)

  • A mobile phone with credit for emergency calls (optional)

  • A clipboard or folder to keep documents in and take to meetings with customers

  • A small pack of ‘poop’ bags

  • A small bag of dog treats to help with dog control

What’s the hardest part?

The hardest thing to do is creating all the documents and processes that help you sign up a customer and provide a good service.

Creating Enquiry Forms, Customer Contracts and simply knowing what to do, is a big stumbling block for young people starting ventures themselves.

So we’ve done that part for you … and for a limited time it’s FREE!

The StudentForce Dog Walking Business Kit

The Dog Walking Business Kit is designed to be understood by kids from 10 years old. It gives you all the information, forms, templates, worksheets and contracts that you’ll need to start your Dog Walking business.

Introduction to Dog Walking
INFO: PDF Document | 5 pages

  • Why is dog walking great for students
  • How does StudentForce help you
  • Paying Tax
  • Parental Involvement
  • Personal Safety
  • What you’ll need to get started

About your business
WORKSHEET: PDF Document | 3 pages

A simple worksheet to help you work out details of your business like:

  • What to charge
  • Contact information
  • Your availability
  • Your experience
  • Features of your service
Introduction to Advertising
INFO: PDF Document | 3 pages

  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Designing your flyer
  • Printing and Delivery of your flyer

Advertising Flyer (with header image)
TEMPLATE: Word Document | 1 page

Advertising Flyer (with text headline)
TEMPLATE: Word Document | 1 page

Signing up Customers
INFO: PDF Document | 4 pages

  • Dealing with Enquiries
  • The First Meeting
  • Job Details form
  • Customer Information form

First Contact
FORM: PDF Document | 1 page

This form guides you through what to ask people when they call you from the flyers, and what to tell them about your service.

Job Details
FORM: Word Document | 1 page

This form is what you fill out when a person says YES and wants to become a customer. It steps you through the information you need to get from the customer.

Customer Information
FORM: PDF Document | 1 page

This form is for the customer to fill out once you’re agreed on all details. Make sure they sign the Declaration or you could get into trouble if something goes wrong while your doing the walks.

Providing the Service
INFO: PDF Document | 4 pages

  • Creating a walk route
  • Dog Control
  • Customer Service

Download the Dog Walking Kit for FREE (limited time offer)


How involved do the Parents need to be?

Dog Walking is something anyone can do, any age, boy or girl, and it doesn’t require any equipment.

The StudentForce Dog Walking Business Kit helps with a lot of the procedural decisions and systems that run a business.

In the beginning you’ll benefit from adult help with set up and getting started, but the goal is for the parent NOT to have to go on the walks with the student ongoing.

We recommend a parent or guardian do the following:

  • Use the contact details of a parent or guardian over 18 in all advertising

  • A parent or guardian over 18 should be at the first meeting with any customer

Who is StudentForce?

StudentForce is a social enterprise teaching good work habits to students by creating opportunities for them to earn money and learn about business and entrepreneurship.

We provide suitable working opportunities for New Zealand students between 10 to 16 year old, when many students are keen to start experiencing work but there are no opportunities for them.

In Tauranga, we operate a flyer delivery service involving 70 students delivering flyers to 15,000 households. With emphasis on personal responsibility and consistency, the students are safe, well trained and closely managed.

Our Dog Walking Business Kit allows us to help students Nationally and is the first of many Business Kits we intent to produce.

Dan, you are doing super things for all kids in Tauranga, StudentForce work experience has been wonderful for Lana & Mia a real eye opener for them both!

Jasna & Jason, Otumoetai, Tauranga

Pictured are Managing Director Dan Angland and two of his three kids, Zena and Carson. Dan has 17 years Marketing experience including 8 years with a large national franchise and has run several small businesses.

Download the Dog Walking Kit for FREE (limited time offer)