The biggest concern I’ve come across when talking to business owners is ‘flyer dumping’.

They’re worried their flyers are going to end up in the local dumpster, put there by someone getting paid super-low wages who just doesn’t give a dam. Well that happens, but not by us.

Here’s how we tackle it:


Our deliveries are done by 2-person teams

Our delivery people meet each other at a starting point and do the Run together as a team. If one person doesn’t show up, the other can’t do the Run, and it gets rescheduled.

This is partly for the safety of the kids, but it also creates accountability. Neither person can decide they just can’t be bothered today, because they’ll be letting down their Run Partner, and they won’t get paid.


We monitor the leftover flyers closely.

Your flyers are supplied to the students in a waterproof plastic box. This is mainly to protect your flyers from the weather, but it also means we can pick up the last weeks box including any left over flyers. If the amount left over doesn’t match what it should be, we can talk to the delivery person about why.


We operate Quality Assurance Network

We operate a network of local residents who report back to us about the timing and condition of the items they receive. Much like a Mystery Shopper, we call it our Mystery Letterbox.

It lets our delivery people know that the quality of their work is being monitored, and helps to ensure our customers’ flyers will make it safely to their destinations.