Student Jobs

Creating opportunities for New Zealand students aged 10+ years

Earn money by delivering flyers to letterboxes in Tauranga, or walking dogs anywhere in the country.

We aim to create an emerging youth with entrepreneurial spirit, who understand the basics of business, and know that business ownership and being an entrepreneur is a real option for their future.

Flyer Delivery Runs

Tauranga Only – For students aged 10+ years

Earn money by delivering flyers to letterboxes in a group of streets called a Delivery Run.

We pay a minimum of $7 per delivery Run, and you can do up to 4 per week.

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Make money walking dogs

For New Zealand students aged 10+ years

A cheap and simple way for kids to set up a small business as a dog walker.

From flyer templates to advertise in your local area, to the contract customers sign, this step-by-step guide makes a great project for parents and kids to work through together.

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Learn about business and entrepreneurship

(It’s not compulsory, you can just earn money if you want)


We’ve recently launched the first video in a series of animations that highlight some simple ‘Business Basics’. Check it out here We aim to over time create a library of videos and information.

We’ll also offer you other opportunities to learn about how businesses work and what it takes to be a business owner and an entrepreneur.


We shine a light on successful young people around the world, and show that being a business owner or an entrepreneur is within reach of anyone.

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Free Team Building Events

A few times per year we have free events for all the students involved. They are held at places like Indoor Rock Climbing and Laser Tag etc. We have an hour long ‘business meeting’ first, then we have some fun!

Here’s our May 2017 Event at Clip’n’Climb

Here’s our Xmas 2016 Event at the Trampoline Park