We help the kids in 3 ways:


We offer the opportunity to earn money and develop work ethic

In addition to delivering flyers, we aim to create roles for the kids in other aspects of the company like sales, design, and Run preparation.

By choosing StudentForce you’re helping our community’s kids to work, learn and grow into confident and capable business people to lead our country into the future.

See our Student Jobs page for more information


We teach the kids about business at every opportunity

We break down the basic elements of business and present them in a fun, interesting way.

For starters, we’ve commissioned a series of animated videos (produced by students) that highlight some simple business basics. We’ve called them Business Super-Simplified

Watch all of the Business Super-Simplified video here on our Blog

To inspire the kids we shine a light on successful young people around the world.

We show that being a business owner or an entrepreneur is within reach of anyone.

View our Business Inspiration stories

Free Team Building Events

At our quarterly ‘Team Meetings’ we organise a free, fun activity for all the kids like Indoor Rock Climbing or Laser Tag.

Before the fun begins we spend an hour talking to the kids about business and being an entrepreneur.


We provide practical business experience

All StudentForce delivery people are independent contractors. We structure their ‘job’ to be as much like a small business as possible, and we show them that just like any asset, a business can be improved and sold for a profit.

We aim to create a functional Marketplace that allows the kids to buy and sell their Delivery Runs and other contracts they hold.