Our Zero Waste policy is ingrained in all areas of our service to ensure the absolute minimum paper product is wasted.

This is partly an environmental goal, but also so our customers don’t pay printing and delivery charges for undelivered product.

This is how we do things:

Leftovers are returned so we can adjust our figures

Unlike any other delivery company, we have our people return any leftover product. We then count any returns, and make adjustments to the amount they’re given next time. This ensures our numbers are always accurate.

No-one’s incentivised to exaggerate their delivery figures

We pay our delivery people on areas covered, not on exactly how many flyers they deliver, so there’s no incentive for them to exaggerate their numbers to get paid more (and dump the extras – a common industry problem)

Waterproof Containers and Deliver Bags

Our delivery people receive their flyers in waterproof containers. This eliminates potential damage to the flyers in transit, and allows them to return any that are left over.

We also supply our people with high quality, water resistant bags to do their deliveries with. You won’t see a StudentForce delivery person using a dirty old duffel bag or converted baby stroller. That’s not how we roll.

Trained to care

Our comprehensive initial training and ongoing refreshers train our delivery people to respect our customers product and take pride in their work.

An important part of the training is teaching them how to use our ‘I’m Sorry’ cards. The cards are put into letterboxes when they make a mistake and put flyers in a letterbox that has signage saying not to. Training the kids to do this simple act emphasises the importance we place on them doing their job well.

Quality Control

Much like a Mystery Shopper, we operate a network of people who report back to us about the timing and condition of the items they receive in their letterbox.

We call it our Mystery Letterbox, and it helps to ensure our customers’ flyers will make it safely to their destinations.